Children’s Dentistry

At Magnolia Springs Dentistry we are happy to see children of all ages. We provide children’s cleanings, exams, and basic dental restorative treatments. It is our belief that educating children on their dental health is the best way to develop good habits for a lifetime! We spend time with each child reviewing home care, snacking habits, and ensuring children are using proper techniques. In addition, we offer fluoride varnish and sealants which significantly reduce the occurrence of tooth decay in children. Even children that brush and floss diligently may have difficultly cleaning the small pits and grooves of their back teeth as they come in. Sealants are a thin white coating applied to back teeth to block out bacteria which cause tooth decay. This coating not only provides a barrier to bacteria but makes the tooth surface more easily cleansable for children.

A welcoming dental practice for the entire family is the foundation for Magnolia Springs Dentistry.  Our caring team is ready to schedule your children and welcomes your family to the practice.

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