Removable Partials & Complete Dentures

No longer do you need to avoid food you love or hide your smile.  Partials and dentures provide both an aesthetically pleasing result and functionality.  At Magnolia Springs Dentistry we provide our patients with treatment options that keep their dental health the number one priority.

When is a partial or complete denture necessary?

Tooth loss affects many patients every day whether due to decay, periodontal disease or trauma. Partial or complete dentures are an option that helps patients replace missing teeth and restore chewing function. Partial and complete dentures are removable and come in and out of the mouth. It is very important to leave these prosthesis out at night to maintain health of the oral cavity. For patient’s preferring additional retention or wishing to avoid clasps that may show, there are options for implant supports which can provide improved retention and function and excellent esthetics.

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