Cosmetic Fillings & Implant Restorations

While in the past it was common to place amalgam also known as silver fillings, Magnolia Springs Dentistry provides tooth colored filling material which blends in to provide a natural tooth appearance. These fillings are placed to repair teeth that have decay or small chips or fractures. They are a conservative treatment option that make beautiful smiles!  If you have silver fillings now, Dr. McCabe will check to make sure those fillings are strong and not allowing dental decay to make it’s way under the surface.  Many times large silver fillings will break off with along with a portion of the tooth structure. The use of composite dental fillings provides a strong and discreet dental treatment option.

Implant Restorations offer longevity and stability when replacing individual teeth, or providing support for a bridge or denture. Magnolia Springs collaborates with highly skilled specialists to place and restore your missing tooth using implant technology. The specialists will perform the implant surgery which is an outpatient procedure in which the implants are placed in the jaw bone. Over the following months, healing will take place which allows the implants to stabilize. Once this process is complete, you will return to our office for the final restorations. The outcome is both highly esthetic and functional!

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