The Invisalign® Treatment Process

There’s never been a better time to get the straight smile you’ve always wanted. Dr. McCabe is a certified provider of Invisalign® clear orthodontic aligners, the more convenient & comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign® gradually straightens your teeth using a series of clear, removable plastic aligners – with no uncomfortable wires or brackets.

Starting with an initial consultation, Dr. McCabe will evaluate your teeth and then map out a precise, digital treatment plan working to develop a step-by-step transformation of your smile. Once you are ready to get started, your unique aligners are created. You’ll wear each set of aligners for 20-22 hours per day, changing to a new set every 1-2 weeks (depending on your treatment plan). Each new set of aligners will gently and gradually shift your teeth into place.

Invisalign® treatment can be an excellent option for most adults and teens looking for a virtually invisible way to improve their smile. Thanks to new technology and innovations, Invisalign® is now an option for correcting most teeth-straightening and bite issues, from simple to complex. Call our office today to make an appointment for a consultation and get started on your journey to a straighter, healthier smile.
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