Fall In Love With Your Smile, 3 Smile Worthy Suggestions

 In Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is one of your greatest assets. It is the universal sign of happiness, and we help patients preserve and beautify their smiles every day. How can a cosmetic dentist help you smile more confidently?

1. Straighten up your smile with the latest orthodontic technologies. We offer Invisalign trays as an alternative to bulky and uncomfortable metal braces and brackets. Invisalign trays are clear, easy to clean and offer many of the same benefits that traditional metal braces offer, in a more convenient process.
2. Brighten up your smile with custom teeth whitening trays. This is one of the most common requests from patients, and we know why! When your smile is bright and white, it is easier to smile a little bigger.
3. Perfect your smile further with Veneers. Veneers are thin custom-made coverings used to cover the front of the tooth. They are beautiful restorations that look like natural teeth. They are an excellent option when treating discolorations or stains, chipped teeth, misshaped teeth, or closing space.

Magnolia Dentistry offers all the services above, and more. We work with patients to help them achieve their smile goals. Call our office today to schedule your appointment 803-456-2404.

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