Stressed Out? What You Should Know About Stress & Your Smile

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If you are feeling stressed over the past few months, chances are you are not alone. With a global pandemic, changes in everyone’s schedules and routines, an increase in stress can be expected.

Stress has many adverse effects on your health, so learning ways to eliminate stress and cope are important. If you still feel the anxiety creeping in on your day, more than likely, your teeth are taking the brunt of the tension while you sleep.

Am I Grinding My Teeth?
Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism is common. Dental professionals can typically spot someone who grinds their teeth during their dental exam.

Side effects of teeth grinding

  • flattening or wearing down of teeth
  • cracked or fractured teeth
  • headaches

If you are or have experienced the side effects listed above, speak with your dental professional about a mouthguard. Mouthguards are a protective dental appliance that acts as a cushion of the forces of teeth grinding. The guard is commonly worn on the lower teeth while sleeping. Mouthguards prescribed by your dental provider are custom to your bite and may have some coverage by your dental insurance provider.

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