Why Putting Off Dental Care Isn’t The Best Plan

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Raise your hand if you love going to the dentist. What, no, takers?

We understand, making your dental health a priority is difficult, especially during these times. However, dental hygiene is an essential part of your overall mental and physical health, and without proper attention, your dental health could wind up costing you.

Here at Magnolia Springs Dentistry, we take your dental health seriously and want to help you prevent the long-term effects of neglected dental hygiene. According to estimations by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), over 30% of adults between the ages of 20 – 44 have untreated cavities and about half of adults over the age of 29 show signs of gum disease! So, what does this mean for you?

In addition to pain associated with cavities and gum disease, bacteria left undisturbed flourishes. These bacteria attack your teeth and enamel, causing breakage and even tooth loss, leading to treatement. What’s more, unchecked, this bacteria can lead to infections in the mouth that could cause serious illnesses like heart disease.

The costs associated with preventative care are often minimal and sometimes covered 100% by dental insurance. In cases where poor dental health causes serious medical conditions like heart disease, the financial responsibility drastically increases for the patient.

Here at Magnolia Springs Dentistry, we are passionate about dental health and want to help you stay safe and healthy. Let us help you keep a healthy smile and mouth for a lifetime. Please schedule your appointment with us today by calling 803.456.2404.

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